Active PowerWedge System with Single 12TW1 Driver and Class D Amplifier

Active PowerWedge System with Single 12TW1 Driver and Class D Amplifier
Reference JLACS112LG-TW1
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In PowerWedge+ systems, the power is built right into the subwoofer system. Housing a proprietary Class D amplifier, this subwoofer system employs our exclusive DCD amplifier technology to extract maximum output from its specially engineered, ultra low-impedance TW1 driver. By combining direct power conversion with an ultra-high current output section, DCD amplifiers are free of conventional switching power supplies, enabling them to generate remarkable power with unprecedented efficiency.

Harnessing the performance and insanely small box requirements of the TW1 subwoofer driver, this subwoofer system is designed to deliver amazing sub-bass from an enclosure that is only 6.625 inches (168 mm) deep. Its low-profile enclosure design has been carefully engineered to the optimum sealed enclosure alignment for the 10TW1 driver and has been fine-tuned through extensive real-world listening.

Integration to OEM and aftermarket head units is a snap thanks to a variety of input options and automatic turn-on capability (via signal sensing or DC offset sensing). Also included is a variable frequency low-pass filter (50-200 Hz), along with output polarity control switch. Adding an optional RBC-1 remote level control (sold separately) lets you control subwoofer levels directly from the driver's seat. A quick-disconnect power connector makes it easy to remove the subwoofer when you need the extra space.

Finish: Black, high-grade automotive carpet with silver "JL AUDIO Built In USA" embroidery on front baffle. A steel mesh grille is included to protect the subwoofer driver.

Construction: CNC-Cut High-Grade MDF

Amplifier power: Built-in DCD Class D amplifier (400 W @ 0.25 Ohm)
Nominal Impedance: 0.25 Ohm

Enclosure and Subwoofer Made in USA

External Width (W) 21 in / 533 mm
External Height (H) 13.5 in / 343 mm
External Depth (D1) 6.625 in / 168 mm
Net Weight 29.2 lb / 13.24 kg

High-level input plug configuration
Top left: Right -
Bottom left: Right +
Top right: Left -
Bottom right: Left +