C7 1" (25mm) Component Tweeter - Single

C7 1" (25mm) Component Tweeter - Single
Reference JLC7-100CT
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The JL Audio C7 range was designed with the sole intent to produce the finest-ever automotive component speakers. No detail, material or design element was overlooked in search of a pure audio experience displaying unsurpassed levels of resolution, precision and imaging. The result comprises a 6.5" component woofer, a 3.5" midrange and a 1" tweeter that all work together in perfect harmony.

Dome Diaphragm
Corundum ceramic coated aluminum alloy diaphragm exhibits high stiffness, very low mass and excellent environmental stability. It also helps the tweeter dome to hold its shape and operate as a true piston at higher frequencies, without a penalty in moving mass.

Suspension design
The diaphragm's motion is centered, sprung and damped by a treated silk, s-roll surround. Ferrofluid in the magnetic gap acts as a rear suspension element in this design. The two combine to provide optimum damping without unduly restricting excursion.

Motor Design
The C7-100ct employs a high-density magnetic circuit with a neodymium magnet and U-Yoke motor topology. An under-hung voice coil is employed, wound with copper-clad aluminum wire onto an aluminum voice coil former. Motor magnetics have been precisely optimized utilizing advanced FEA tools to lower even order distortion and IMD/AMD.

Acoustical Design
The shape of the tweeter housing is designed to boost sensitivity in a very specific bandwidth, helping to flatten the frequency response. It also provides improved control of directivity.

Design Bandwidth
With 48 dB/octave filters: 3,000 Hz - 30,000 Hz
With 24 dB/octave filters: 4,000 Hz - 30,000 Hz
With 12 dB/octave filters: 5,000 Hz - 30,000 Hz

Sold individually, with flush and surface mounting fixtures and hardware. One tweeter protection capacitor is also included.


- Speaker Type: Component Tweeter
- Nominal Diameter: 1 in. (25 mm)
- Design Bandwidth: 3 kHz - 30 kHz
- Nominal Impedance (Znom): 4 ohms
- Continuous Power Handling: 100W
- Recommended Amplifier Power: 50-150W
- Net Weight: 0.25 lbs. (110 g)

- Voice Coil Resistance (Re): 3.20 ohms
- Free Air Resonance (Fs): 1450 Hz
- Reference Efficiency (no): 0.267%
- Efficiency @ 1W/1m: 86.5 dB SPL
- Sensitivity @ 2.83V/1m: 89.5 dB SPL