WolfShock Universal Impact Control Comfort Decking - 600 x 500 x 50mm

WolfShock Universal Impact Control Comfort Decking - 600 x 500 x 50mm
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Wolfshock universal impact control comfort decking

600 W x 500 H x 50mm D

Wolfshock: Impact control comfort decking
Developed for helmsmen, navigators and watchmen, where the environment involves high shock loads and vibration over extended periods of time.

- Increased Comfort
- Minimise Impact
- Transform Experience
- Custom made in U.K.
- Patented Technology
- Retrofit & transferable

Product Specifications
- Neoprene & Lycra construction
- Patented technology for impact absorption
- Genuine Flexiteek top layer
- Non-slip for safety
- Assembled using high-quality bonding agents
- Custom made in U.K.
- Contains no metal parts

Born from experiencing discomfort on his own boat, Wolfshock impact control comfort decking is the creation of inventor and keen boater Mike Smith. Frustrated with a lack of options to make his boat more comfortable after an accident saw him break an ankle, Mike took fresh eyes to a problem affecting many boaters. Boating requires navigating seas in various weather conditions.
Purchasing expensive seating that requires helming whilst sat down obstructing the view is not an ideal solution and therefore prototypes were created and testing began.
The results of his study have been to bring to market a simple, high quality product that looks at home on any vessel - leisure or commercial. Wolfshock comfort decking uses patented design and technology in a system that can be fitted in seconds, is interchangeable between vessels and mostly importantly delivers on his key design targets: Increased comfort, minimised impact and a transformed boating experience.

Application: For commercial and leisure boating